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Preparing for Adulthood

The Young Adult Transition and Learning Disability Team are a team of social workers working alongside children's social workers, the young adult, Education, Health Professionals, Carers and a wide range to voluntary and independent sectore providers to complete Care Act (2014) assessment to identify eligibility and need. 

The team commence an adult assessment usually referred through the Transition Operational Group (TOG) but also through direct conversations with the children's social worker and/or the referrer; working in partnership with the young person and their family/carer where appropriate.

The detail below is some of the services that can be accessed following a Care Act Assessment although the list is not exhaustive:

Direct Payment

A direct payment often creates a seamless transition because the young person will often have been already accessing services through this method. Some young people access:

Individual Service Fund (ISF Framework through HBC)

Contracted provision 

In-House commissioned 

Voluntary Sector 

  • Hart Gables (support service for those who identify as LGBTQ+ across the Tees Valley area)
  • Hartlepool Community Hubs across the town offering activities, advice, community led support

For further information contact Hartlepool Support Hub on 01429 272905 or email [email protected]