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Midwifery & Maternity Services

Expecting a baby is a very exciting time. NHS North Tees & Hartlepool Foundation Trust have options available for discussions with your midwife, partner and family regarding where you choose to have your baby delivered.

The Trust currently offer Continuity of Care pathways for groups of low-risk women, pregnant teenagers, diabetic mothers and women who may have booked a caeserean section. Continuity of Care means that women will receive dedicated support from the same midwifery team throughout their pregnancy. 

The NHS Pregnancy & Birth Choices have a handy digital interactive booklet that is available featuring key information and advice to better understand the choice of available birthplace settings and recording decisions and notes as your pregnancy progresses. This can be downloaded by clicking the following link:

Pregnancy and Birth Choices in the North East of England & North Cumbria

Alternatively, please visit the following link for furhter information: