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Needs Led Neurodevelopmental Service

The pathway for children under the age of five is slightly different. It is led by a Community Peadiatrician, but a diagnosis is still made by a Multi Agency Assessment Team. Parents/carers will need to request that their child be referred to a Community Peadiatrician via their GP or their Health Visitor. They will request further information from other agencies such. The child will still need to go through the Triage Panel, but the referral can only come from the Community Peadiatrician. The referral must still be completed in conjunction with parents and carers. If there is not enough evidence to suggest a referral to the Neurodevelopmental pathway is currently necessary the Community Peadiatrician may still keep the child under their service and monitor their progress as well as referring to the bubble of support. You will need to discuss this with your child’s Community Peadiatrician and they will advise accordingly. When a child is discharged from any service, you will be provided with information on how you can access the service again if there is a need to do so.

The neurodevelopment service is aimed at improving the experience and outcomes of those with needs associated with a neurodevelopmental disorder and remove barriers that restrict life choices by, improving professionals skill set and confidence to better understand and support children and young people, building upon family's skills and confidence to understand and support their child and supporting young people to understand their differences and increase their coping strategies.

Team members will sometimes include pediatricians, psychologists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists. The assessment team is a full multidisciplinary team, referred to as a MAAT. At a MAAT the professionals discuss all of the assessments which have been carried out with your child to make a clinical decision as to whether your child has neurodevelopment need.

Everyone’s length of time from first assessment to being discussed at a MAAT can vary depending on the number and types of assessments your child requires. This is because not all children have the same assessments. The assessments carried out are based on the presenting needs of your child.

In Hartlepool this service is provided by Tees, Esk & Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust

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