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Short Breaks

Support for children and young people with complex needs to spend time away from their home while receiving the support they need is available in several ways:

  • Day/Evening/Overnight placements/packages of support ina  family home for children and young people with complex needs
  • Day/Evening/Overnight placements/packages of support arranged in the homes of carers
  • Short term overnight placements lasting anything from one night to several weeks, enabling both the Children and Young Person and their parents or carers to have a break
  • Long term placements providing the opportunity for the person recieving support to live as part of the family
  • Residential respite 

Local Authorities arrange for and commission most of the short break provision for Children or Young People with special educational needs, additional needs and/or disability.

Baysdale provides short break respite care to children and young people with learning disabilities and associated healthcare needs. The service covers Teesside, both North and South of the Tees, and the length of the respite can vary, according to the individual needs of the young person and their carers.

More information can be found at:

Or by contacting Hartlepool hub on 01429 284284