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Reviewing your child's EHC Plan

The local authority must check your child's progress and make sure that the plan continues to meet their special educational need.  This must be done at least once per year, but there may be frequent reviews depending on your child's needs. 

You will be contacted with a date for the review meeting, usually by your child's education setting inviting you to attend.  Before the meeting you should be asked for your views on your child's progress since the last review. 

Education settings may also ask for updated reports professionals who have been supporting your child since the last review.  Before the meeting you should receive copies of all reports that have been written. 

During the annual review meeting, your child's progress towards the outcomes set out in the plan will be discussed and new goals will be set for the coming 12 months.  Any proposed changes to your child's plan will be recorded. 

The review meeting will usually take place in your child's educational setting.  You can take along a family member or friend with you.  Alternatively the SENDIAS Service can support you with this. 

After the meeting the plan will be amended by a member of the SEN Team who will send you the plan and ask for your views. 

You have 15 days to consider the plan and contact the SEN Team to discuss any changes you wish to be made.  If we do not hear from you, the plan will be finalised.  However, you continue to have the same rights if you disagree and you also have the right to appeal to the SEND Tribunal.