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Other Useful Services/Information

Connect Tees Valley - Your one stop shop for travel information in the Tees Valley by bus, train, foot, cycle, road and air. 

Use the 'Connect' journey planner to help you to find the best options for your journey of to find live departure information, timetables and more


Traveline Information Ltd is a partnership of transport operators and local authorities formed to provide impartial and comprehensive information about public transport. It operates in Scotland, England and Wales.


Nextbuses is a mobile internet service which makes it possible to find bus times on your mobile internet enabled phone. iPhone, Android and Windows phone apps are also available. With NextBuses service you can select a bus stop close to where you are in Scotland, England or Wales and for that bus stop find the next bus times. 


If you can't get the NextBuses service on your phone you can check the next buses from a particular bus stop by sending the bus stop code in a text. The bus stop code may be displayed on the bus stop flag or in the timetable case. 

To use the service, simply type the stop code as a text message - and send it to 84268 (except in Yorkshire where it is 64422). The message you send will cost your normal text message charge. In some areas the reply will be free of charge. In most areas the reply will cost up to 25p. 

For further details on both these services visit the Traveline website at Traveline North East.