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Drug, Alcohol and Substance Misuse Services

Drugs and alcohol often play a significant role in the lives of young people, whether that be curiosity, experimentation, recreational or problematic use and very infrequently, dependent use.  Public Health has a role in ensuring the availability of appropriate services to support the identified needs of the local population.

These services support young people to recover from problematic substance use that is impacting on their day to day life and relationships with family.  These services can be accessed via self-referral or another referral from any source.  Duration of intervention is not time limited and is flexible and responsive to support the individual needs and preferences of the Children, Young People and their families.

In Hartlepool Foundations provides treatment service in partnership with Hartlepool Borough Council as part of the START (Supporting Treatment and Recovery Together) brand.

Foundations provides the clinical interventions including substitute prescribing where appropriate and Hartlepool Borough Council provides the assessment, recovery co-ordination PSI and other wraparound support.  The two agencies work in partnership as START with nurses and Care Co-ordinators working together under the START umbrella to achieve the best results for service users.

More information can be found by calling 01429 285000 or emailing [email protected]