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Learning for Life

Learning for Life is run by a charity called Learn and Thrive.

Learning for Life is a project providing educational resources for young people with Down’s syndrome and special educational needs.

It covers:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Post 16
  • Relationships
  • Sexual Education curriculum.

The resources are created in line with what the Down’s syndrome community needs;

  • teaching on personal health
  • emotions
  • relationships
  • appropriate behaviour

Current series explore Growing Up and Keeping Safe, Emotions, and Caring Friendships. These resources are created with specialist teachers and speech and language therapists, to provide accessible and specialised teaching across educational settings and in the home.

To break down barriers in SEN education and support provisions, all Learning for Life resources are completely FREE. The resources are made in conjunction with Inclusively Down and 21 Together.

For more information or to access the free online library, please visit: