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Child Health and Wellbeing Network

The North East and North Cumbria Child Health and Wellbeing Network works to bring organisations together to design and deliver joined-up services to provide improved outcomes for children and plans to make a real difference to children's services. Their vision states: 


In the North East and North Cumbria we believe all children and young people should be given the opportunity to flourish and reach their potential and be advantaged by organisations working together.


The Network works with people from all sectors across the region: such as Health, Education, Local Authorities and the Voluntary and Community Sector as well as with children, young people and their families too. The Network aims to achieve meaningful and realistic engagement with key stakeholders from across the North East and North Cumbria. 


Current priority areas, which were defined by the system, are Mental Health, Poverty, Additional Needs and Vulnerability, Inequalities and Access, Best Start in Life, Health Promotion and Childhood illness. Following the first surge of the Covid pandemic the priorities were reviewed and Family Support was added as an additional priority area. 


The Network is keen to invite people to join their journey - for more information on becoming a member and receive their newsletter, or to hear about projects and plans, please contact the Child Health and Wellbeing Network team via 


For more information, click here. 


and / or at Twitter via @NorthNetChild