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Children's Continuing Care (CCC)

Some children and young people (up to their 18th birthday), may have very complex health needs. These may be the result of congenital conditions, long-term or life-limiting or life-threatening conditions, disability, or the after-effects of serious illness or injury. 

These needs may be so complex, that they cannot be met by the services which are routinely available from GP practices, hospitals or in the community commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) or NHS England. 

Continuing care is not needed by children or young people whose needs can be met appropriately through existing universal or specialist services through a case management approach. 

A team of children and young people's health assessors and children's continuing care nurse specialists will assess a child's eligibility for CCC funding and implement a package of care if required to meet the complex health needs of the child. 

Care provision can be offered in a variety of ways. Options for this include the implementation of personal health budgets (PHB), notional PHB's, commissioned packages from complex health care providers and jointly commissioned packages with Local Authorities. 

Continuing care should be part of a wider package of care, agreed and delivered by collaboration between health, education and social care. The package can support the child or young person to achieve outcomes that may be identified in their Education, Health and Care Plan. The package provision can also provide parents and carers with a break from their caring role whislt ensuring the needs of the child are met. 

The functions of the Children's Continuing Care team are to implement: 

  • Initial screening of referrals 
  • Coordinate assessment and information gathering
  • Coordinate and chair Decision Support Tool (DST) meeting 
  • Complete DST paperwork to determine eligibility or not and to feedback to referrer and family
  • Promote PHB's and facilitate as required (specific to locality area) 
  • Support the family to secure a package of care to meet the child's assessed needs 
  • Present proposed package in a forum to seek funding approval by the LA and CCG
  • Review new packages of care after 3 months
  • Review eligibility for CCC annually 
  • Monitor and alter a care package if appropriate and to re-present in the forum for agreement 
  • Provide Fast Track support for Children and Young People at the end of their lives and to agree a supportive package with CCG outside of panel arrangements

In Hartlepool this service is provided by NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS) on behalf of Tees Valley CCG.

Further details can be found by emailing

More information on the National Framework, click here.