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What happens if you move to another area?

If you are going to move, you should let the local authority know by contacting the SEN Team ([email protected]). You should also contact the SEN Team in the local authority area you are moving to, so that you can talk to them about your child’s needs and the best way of ensuring that they continue to be met.

Where a child or young person moves to another local authority, the ‘old’ authority must transfer the EHC plan to the ‘new’ authority on the day of the move, unless the following condition applies. Where the old authority has not been provided with the 15 working days’ notice of the move, the old authority must transfer the EHC plan within 15 working days beginning with the day on which it did become aware.

The old authority should also transfer any opinion they have received under the Disabled Persons (Services, Consultation and Representation) Act 1986 that the child or young person is disabled. Upon the transfer of the EHC plan, the new authority becomes responsible for maintaining the plan and for securing the special educational provision specified in it.

The requirement for the child or young person to attend the educational institution specified in the EHC plan continues after the transfer. However, where attendance would be impractical, the new authority must place the child or young person temporarily at an appropriate educational institution other than that specified – for example:

  • Where the distance between the  child or young person’s new home and the educational institution would be too great – until the EHC plan is formally amended

The new authority may not decline to pay fees or otherwise maintain the child at an independent or non-maintained special school or boarding school named in an EHC plan unless and until they have amended the EHC plan

You can access impartial information, advice and support by contacting Hartlepool SENDIAS Service.

Telephone: 01429 284876/07776491662

Email to: [email protected].

Further information about the SENDIAS Service can be found on the website: