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Special Educational Needs Transport

The majority of pupils with SEND will not require assistance because they will be attending their local mainstream school. Usuallly assistance will only be given to pupils with a statement of SEN or a single Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) and will be a result of advice and information gathered during the statutory assessment process. 

The Local Authority considers pupils needs on an individual basis and will consult with all relevant parties before arriving at a final decision. When deciding if a pupil will be given assistance, the following will be taken into account: 

  • The age of the pupil
  • Whether a walking route is appropriate 
  • The nature and severity of the pupil's SEND
  • Whether suitable public transport is available 
  • Whether the pupil would be a danger to drivers and other passengers if public transport were used 
  • Whether there are any prohibitive personal/family circumstances which impact on the pupils ability to attend school 
  • The most cost effective mode of transport for journeys to placements outside of Hartlepool
  • Any other individual circumstances 

For futher information contact the Special Education Needs Team or click here.