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Local Welfare Support Team

ocal Welfare Support (LWS) is a limited discretionary fund, managed by Hartlepool Borough Council to help residents stay in or return to their community or to give help in a crisis. Non crisis support A non-crisis could be where a resident of Hartlepool has been in hospital or supported furnished accommodation and needs support to move into a new home on being discharged. Please complete an application form for non-crisis support and return it to Hartlepool Borough Council. APPLICATION FOR LOCAL WELFARE SUPPORT Non-crisis support targets residents in Hartlepool who need support to move into their own home. It includes those resettling into the community. You can get help for non-crisis support if you are on a low income or expect to be in receipt of a qualifying benefit at the time you apply and there is enough money left in the fund. (exceptions apply). Qualifying benefits are listed below but please note if you have savings the value of your award may be reduced. Universal Credit Income Support Job Seekers Allowance Employment and Support Allowance (Income related) Pension Guaranteed Credit If you are eligible for non-crisis support you will not get any money but help may be given by providing essential household goods such as a bed, bedding, cooker or microwave, floor covering, wardrobe, crockery, cutlery etc In-Crisis Support Please telephone 01429 806895 during Office Hours to apply for crisis support or email . You do not need to complete an application form. A crisis could be an event of great or sudden misfortune or there is a severe risk to the health and safety of the applicant or immediate family member or dependent which cannot be dealt with via other support mechanisms. Awards may be made to cover the following risks: No access to essential needs, Imminent deterioration in health To quality for in-crisis support you do not need to be in receipt of a qualifying benefit but awards will only be given to those in most need and only where there is enough money in the fund. If you are eligible for crisis support you will not get any money but help may be given by providing access to food, pre paid vouchers, gas/electricity key cards charged for you or essential household goods obtained for you. A Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) is a special payment paid to individuals where it is considered they need extra help with their rent. A DHP is not part of the normal Housing Benefit Scheme. The Council is given an amount of money to pay out each year on DHP's and cannot spend more than the allocated amount given by Government. Each application is considered on its own merit. Criteria to claim DHP 1. You must be entitled to Housing Benefit or the Housing Element of Universal Credit 2. Your circumstances must mean you need extra help with your rent 3. The maximum DHP payment you are able to claim is the difference between your eligible rent and the amount of Housing benefit you receive. 4. A DHP cannot be paid as help towards rent arrears, council tax arrears or other loans or debt. How to apply 1. You must complete a DHP application form and return it to the Children's Hub at the Civic Centre 2. You can obtain an application form by calling into the Civic Centre, contacting the Children's Hub on 01429 284284. 3. If you require assistance with filling in the application form, please speak to a Customer Service officer at the Civic Centre. What information is needed? 1. To be able to pay your claim the Children's Hub must be satisfied you need extra help with your rent. 2. The Children's Hub shall compare your income and your outgoings and establish if you have enough money to pay your rent. 3. The Children's Hub will need details of your income, savings and outgoings. 4. All questions must be answered in full on the application form or the form shall be returned to you. How long can a DHP be paid for? 1. A DHP shall be paid for set period that is agreed by a panel of Children's Hub Officers. 2. There are no time limits for how long a DHP can be paid. 3. Once your award has run out you can re-apply and your circumstances shall be reviewed again. How is a DHP paid? Your DHP payment shall be paid with your normal method of Housing Benefit/ Housing Element payments. What if I disagree with the decision? The decision to award or refuse a DHP is at the discretion of Hartlepool Borough Council. You cannot appeal against the decision. However, if you do disagree or your circumstances have changed you may request a review of the decision. This request must be in writing within 14 days of the decision. You must provide further information you feel is relevant to support your application.

Service provider

Hartlepool Borough Council

Client Groups Served

  • Adult Working Age
  • Older Person
  • Parent / Carer


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