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Service summary

Anna Court

We offer support for young people and young parents aged 16-25 who are living in their own rented home and need some extra assistance to help them manage.

You can work with our staff to develop your own support plan which can include help with:
•positive parenting
•tenancy support
•crisis prevention
•money management
•being a good tenant and neighbour.

What are the move-on options?
The service works closely with social landlords, council housing teams and private landlords to offer a choice of housing options when residents are ready to move on.

Anna Court offers support to help with the move into independent living, as well as information about other community-based services.

Service provider

Anna Court, Thirteen


Physical Environment Accessibility

Are your premises accessible?
Further details about your premises' accessibility

Accessible toilet.

Is there accessible parking on site?

Yes, but minimal.

Do you have accessible/disabled toilets?


Other Accessibility

Could you provide a BSL interpreter?
You you cater for religious/cultural needs?
Please give further details

Interpreter services can be funded by social services.

Is a referral required to access your service?
Please give further details

People are referred to Anna Court from Hartlepool Borough Council. Referrals are via an application, interview and needs assessment process.