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Service summary

Bewick House

Bewick House is an intensive support service providing care for six individuals with a learning disability and associated complex needs, including mental health conditions.

Supporting you
The home is designed as a ‘step up’ or ‘step down’ for individuals who require more intensive support following a deterioration in their mental health or behaviours, or those who are ready to move from a hospital environment into the community with intense support and structure.

We are committed to providing the highest quality and standard of care based on a multidisciplinary contribution, focusing on placing our residents at the centre, supported by the people who are significant to them.

The home facilitates a bespoke professional support network around each individual to meet their specific needs.

The home has six large bedrooms, all with spacious ensuite facilities. Complementing the bedrooms are communal rooms including a lounge, an activity room, a dining room, a kitchen, a separate bathroom with bath and a training kitchen.

All these areas have been designed with the people who live here in mind to create a holistic environment which is beneficial to both relaxation and continued personal growth. The whole building is wheelchair accessible and there is a large garden with patio and lawn areas.

The team
The staff at Bewick House are absolutely vital in providing the foundations of a good service. Therefore, we have a strong commitment to the individual development and professional growth of each member of staff.

All staff are given training specifically tailored to the needs of the people living at Bewick House.

Service provider

Voyage Care


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The whole building is wheelchair accessible and there is a large garden with patio and lawn areas.

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