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Service summary


Humankind offers services covering drugs and alcohol, clinical services, housing related support, housing, employment, training and education, health and well-being, children, young people and families, women, criminal justice and community and offender rehabilitation.
We run the MoreTime social enterprise. We're part of the Northern Inclusion Consortium.

One of the core aspects of Humankind’s vision is for people to be safe, and therefore we see it as vital that the people that use our services, their families and their communities are healthy.

Our health services range from lifestyle or behavioural advice through to clinical delivery, and have a national footprint.

Our Housing and Independent Living services involve Humankind being a Registered Provider, offering housing and property management/services and also services which support vulnerable people to get the right tenancy for them, and to develop the skills to maintain that tenancy.

Humankind works with people from at all different stages of the life course. We offer support to vulnerable young people and young adults who have a range of different needs, and also to their Carers and their wider family.

We deliver services to help those who are actively offending, or who have historically offended, to move towards a more positive lifestyle.

Humankind offers specialist education and employment services. Our provision gives vulnerable people the valuable opportunity to identify and address the barriers to their employment, to advocate with employers and to create opportunities which lead to healthier, positive and more stable lives.

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Client Groups Served

  • Children and Young People
  • Adult Working Age
  • Older Person
  • Parent / Carer


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