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At HENRY we are passionate about babies and young children getting the best possible start in life. This means supporting the whole family to make positive lifestyle changes, creating healthier and happier home environments, and building healthier communities.

Over the past 10 years we have supported thousands of families to transform family life for the better in all sorts of ways – including improved nutrition, emotional wellbeing, parenting skills, and getting more active.

The earliest years of life have a profound bearing on life chances and on physical and emotional health throughout childhood and beyond. Parents want the best for their children, but it isn’t always easy for parents to know what ‘best’ is in the early years, or to change entrenched family habits to provide a healthier home environment.

We never tell families what to do – no one likes to be told, and telling simply doesn’t work. Instead, we support parents to identify the things they are doing well and the things they would like to change, helping them build on strengths and decide on their own strategies to achieve their goals.

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  • Children and Young People


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