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Service summary

Tryin' HQ

Tryin’ To Ride A Skateboard CIC began as an idea to encourage my friends to meet up and skate together. Initially as group chat to organise skateboarding plans.
In 2015, after a bad leg and ankle break, during recovery I decided to push this idea further and create clothing and stickers to further that sense of community whilst also fearing I may not be able skate again.
In 2018, I was given the opportunity to complete the Skateboard GB coaching qualification. Enabling me to teach skateboarding to the next generation of people interested in the 4 wheeled shred sled.
After several years of successfully delivering skateboard lessons across the North East of England, working with people of all ages and backgrounds. Gaining valuable experience to push, promote and provide a platform for others to develop their confidence, independence and autonomy.

An opportunity arose to revive a defunct indoor skatepark in my hometown of Hartlepool and turn the humble idea I had all those years ago for Tryin’ To Ride A Skateboard into a Social Enterprise to benefit the local community and further afield.

Presenting TRYIN’ HQ - an inclusive space for people to practice their stunts on boards, scooters, bmx, blades and quads.


  • Please refer to the website for costings.