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West View Primary School

As a school we pride ourselves on our inclusive ethos and underpinning our vision we have the 6 core values of determination, passion, self-belief, teamwork, honesty and respect. These values and our school ethos mean that we work together with our pupils, governors, staff and families to ensure that children in our school reach their full potential.

We believe that every child can be the best they can be, actively promoting high aspirations.

We display the right moral purpose; all staff work to change the lives of children and families in our community; they go above and beyond to do this.

We believe that every child is unique; we acknowledge those who try their very best at all times, those who learn at a slower pace, those who display behaviour that challenges and those who are gifted or talented.

We find ways to allow all children to grow in confidence and help them understand that school is the best place for them to learn and develop their skills.

We teach children to follow the rules in order to keep themselves and others safe, to be respectful of others and to be ready to learn: READY, RESPECTFUL, SAFE.

The school has received a rating of good from their last Ofsted inspection which was carried out in September 2017. Some extracts from the report are:

“The hard work you and your staff put into creating a nurturing, friendly and caring school is paying dividends.”

“Pupils develop good learning behaviours, and they demonstrate caring and tolerant attitudes and their confidence flourishes.”

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West View Primary School

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  • Children and Young People


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