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Teeswide Safe Places Scheme

What is a Safe Place Scheme?

Safe Place Schemes have been set up across the Tees Valley.  They are places in the community where people can go if they are feeling unsafe or want some help and support.

Most of the schemes across the Tees Valley are aimed at people with learning disabilities, but anybody can use them, such as older people, young people or those that may feel vulnerable when out and about.

There are lots of different venues in the community such as:

  • Shops
  • Libraries or Sports Centres
  • Council Buildings and Hospitals
  • Cafes and Pubs

Safe places are a chance for people and organisations to make sure that their community is a safe and welcoming place for all.

How does the Safe Places Scheme work?

When a business or venue becomes a safe place they will be given a sticker to display in their building, like the one below.  This means they are a safe place for people to come and get help.

Local Authorities, Police and Fire Brigade make sure the schemes are working well, by contacting and visiting them regularly.

Who can use the Safe Places?

To become a member of the safe places scheme you can contact your Local Authority and they will issue you with a membership card.  On this card will be a picture of the safe place logo and on the back it will say "I need some support please contact...

You can put down the name of anybody you feel happy to support you.  If you or somebody you know would like a card please contact

However you do not need to have a membership card to use the scheme - where ever you see the safe places symbol you can see help and support.

For more information on what will happen at a Safe Place click here.