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Psychics and Clairvoyants

This type of mail will generally advise that they have seen something in your future or they have seen the next lottery numbers and they want to share the information with you.  In the initial contact letter the clairvoyant will also usually send a questionnaire asking you very personal questions, then, based on the answers you have given, they will try to exploit any vulnerability or weakness you have such as bad health, money problems or loneliness.

You will then be asked for payment for them to disclose their information to you.

If you pay the fee, you will be sent another letter asking for more money before they disclose their foresight.  This process will continue and you will never be told what it is they know.  This type of scammer will also usually send small worthless trinkets with elaborate names and processes for the victim to follow to improve any issues identified in the previous questionnaire and request for it on top of their advice.

The mail will apppear very personal to you by using the information from the questionnaire and your name several times in a paragraph to make it more believable.

Typical Examples (non exhaustive list) - Baroness de Rothman, Marie de Fortune, Laura Vivian, Magister Davids, Guy D'Orso, Richard Gent, Michael M, Maitre Pascal, Angelique de Succes, Giseppe (Pippo) di Fortunato, Alysson Destiny, Princess Zahia, Guardians of Forgotten Knowledge, Madame Dupont, David Phild, Andre Eiffeil, Mentalist Alan Winsor, Dr Grant, Edouard Gold, the Tips of Our Grandmothers, Christina Dyor, Anthony Carr.