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Health, Food and Household Product Catalogues

This type of mail, also known as mass marketing scams, advises that you have won a cash prize on a lottery or competition.  The letter will then ask you to order a product from their enclosed catalogue to claim the prize.  If you order from the catalogue you will receive the product but not receive the prize and instead be sent numerous more letters and catalogues stating you have won more prizes that will be sent to you on receipt of your order.

The prooducts for sale in the catalogues are often much more expensive and of inferior quality to what you could buy from your local shop.

They are often of poor quality, misdescribed and any health benefits are vastly exaggerated or in most cases false.

Typical Examples - Phyderma, Delices and Gourmandices, Delices Moments, Vitamail, Vital Nature, Vital Beauty, The Gourmet Emporium, Biotonic, Deli Paridise, My Shopping Corner, Perfect Health, Star Shopping, Our Life, Natures Home Remedies, Nature's Range, Health Solutions, Best of, Beautiful Lifestyle, Stirling Health, Affordable Choices, World of Treats, Healthy Living Direct, Stella Jewels, Natura Healthcare.