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Self Employed Financial Assistance

If you are starting up a new business in Hartlepool, expanding an existing business or relocating your business to Hartlepool, get in touch with the Economic Growth Team at Hartlepool Borough Council to discuss your project and discover potential support opportunities available for your business. We can provide tailored advice, support and assistance to business owners and leaders. 


The Council’s Economic Growth Team have a Hartlepool Business Grant Scheme which currently offers grant funding to support local new start businesses. The Scheme is awarded to applicants on the basis of set eligibility criteria and requires a formal application.

If you have a project in mind that you would like to discuss or if you simply would like more information on the financial assistance available to your business, please contact Hartlepool Borough Council’s Economic Growth Team.

For more information on the support available to your business visit


Hartlepool Enterprise Centre

Brougham Terrace


TS24 8EY


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (01429) 867677

For regular updates from Hartlepool Borough Council’s Economic Growth Team including information on business news, events and financial assistance, sign up to the Hartlepool Business Mailing List here.