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Stroke Recovery Service

What is the Stroke Recovery Service?

The Stroke Recovery Service makes sure people affected by a stroke have their needs placed at the centre of their recovery journey. Upon referral, the service works alongside stroke survivors, carers and their families to develop and deliver a personalised stroke support plan. 

Support is offered to those living in Hartlepool, Greatham, Hart, Elwick, Dalton Piercy, Seaton Carew and some parts of Wynyard and is provided in accordance with the needs of the service users.



How does the Stroke Recovery Service work?

When people are referred to the service, our coordinators work with people to identify their needs. We do this through adopting a person-centred approach, incorporating:

  • A personalised assessment of a stroke survivor's/carers needs. 
  • Regular follow-up reviews with all service users/carers
  • Supporting carers, family and friends with their needs. 


What can the Stroke Recovery Service offer?

  • Home visits and regular telephone support
  • Tips and advice to support recovery
  • Information about stroke and local services
  • Advice on reducing risk of further strokes
  • Reassurance and emotional support. 


What is the benefit of the Stroke Recovery Service?

The Stroke Recovery Service allows people to be heard or listened to. The service not only provides support to the stroke survivor, but the needs of their family and carers, ensuring they are provided with the right information at the right time. The service offers stroke survivors and their families a chance to share their experience with others.