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Personal Home Care

Personal Home Care providers and Personal Assistants offer a wide range of services such as assistance to get washed or dressed, help with eating or help with cleaning your home.

If you choose to employ a Personal Assistant with your Personal Budget, you and the Personal Assistant will agree the support you need.

Personal nursing care

You may need more specialised help in your home from a qualified nurse. If you need someone to help with medication, dressings or similar tasks, personal nursing care can help you to stay at home and still receive the care you need.

Help from the Council

The Council may be able to help with care in your home. You will need to contact social services and ask for an assessment of your needs. We will then look at what sort of help you would like and whether you qualify for home care services provided through the Council.

If you qualify, we can organise the service on your behalf using the 'personal budget' that we will agree with you, or you can choose the services you would like yourself using your budget. Depending on your financial situation you may have to contribute to the cost of the services provided.