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Voting and Election in the North East for people with a Learning Disability

Voting and Elections in the North East

In 2024, there will be lots of opportunities for people to vote. We want to make sure that people with a learning disability and autistic people have good access to information and support so that they understand what the different elections are and can vote if they want to.

Residents of Hartlepool will be able to vote in the following elections taking place May:

  • Police and Crime Commissioners to cover the Northumbria Police, Durham Constabulary and Cleveland Police policing areas
  • Tees Valley Combined Authority Mayoral elections
  • North East Mayoral Combined Authority elections

A General Election also needs to take place by 28th January 2025, which individuals can vote in. 

Campaigns to support people with a learning disability and autistic people to use their vote if they want to.

Inclusion North are working with lots of different organisations to make sure that everyone knows how to vote:

This short news report by Ruben Reuter asks why people with a learning disability were excluded from the advert "Learning disabled people excluded from voter registration" - Channel 4 News 


You must register to vote by 16th April 2024. Easy Read guide: how to register to vote for people with a learning disability.

You need photo identification (known as ID) to vote now. The deadline to register for ID is 5pm on Wednesday 24th April. Easy read: How to apply online for a Voter Authority Certificate

Watch Craig read the latest North East Election News


For more information, please see Inclusion North's latest news within Hartlepool Now News