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Finding Out What Will Help You

There is a wide range of equipment and adaptations available to help you with your day-to-day tasks at home.

A rail secured in the ground or fixed to one side of your front door could help you get in and out of your property safely.  A second banister rail or a stair lift may help you if you if you have difficulty getting up and down stairs.  There are all sorts of gadgets to help you get dressed, use a toilet, bathe and prepare drinks and meals.

With so many choices available, it is important to make sure that whatever piece of equipment you are thinking about using meets your needs.  This is where advice from staff in mobility shops (such as Zenith Mobility in Hartlepool) or helpful hints from online tools are really useful. 


Hartlepool Now Equipment Finder

The Equipment Finder on Hartlepool Now is an online tool which will help you assess your needs and areas of the home in which you may need assistance from products and mobility equipment that are available to you.

The tool will take you through a series of questions concerning your day to day life and will make some recommendations of aids and products that might make life in the home easier.  There will also be links to external websites where products can be purchased.