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Chiropractor is a profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system, particularly involving the spine and its effects on the nervous system.  Chiropractic is the largest natural health care discipline in the UK and is regulated by the General Chiropractic Council Natural Health Care means that Chiropractors do not promote the use of drugs or surgery, but recognise that there are times when drugs or surgery may be appropriate.  Chiropractors remove nervous system disturbance (usually along the spine) through adjustments that restores the body's ability to self heal.  An adjustment involves safe, specific movements or pressure applied to the spine and other joints in order to encourage proper movement and support.  The perception of Chiropractic is often limited to the treatment of back, or neck pain but as Primary Healthcare Providers Chiropractors are consulted about a whole range of conditions.