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Living Well

Good health is about the mind as well as the body. Feeling physically fit, and feeling good about ourselves, means that we can go and achieve more of the things we want to do in life. Staying in good health is important to all of us, and can become particularly important in later years. 

Sometimes it's difficult to find the motivation, time, or energy to make a few positive changes in our lives. However, breaking some of our bad habits can really make a positive difference to our overall health in the long run.

The best way to stay physically and mentally healthy is by learning how to take care of ourselves, and knowing when we should reach out for help and support.

In this section you can find out about how to take care of yourself, including information on dental hygiene, weight loss, nutrition, alcohol use, giving up smoking, and exercise. There are also details of the most common health conditions, which are explained in an easy to understand way. In the Support Finder you will find information as possible about where to go, and how to get support if you need it.

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