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Supported Sheltered Housing

When older people are considering the options for accommodation in later years it is often thought to be a stark choice of going into "an old folks home" or staying put in a house that has simply become too much.  Moving to a sheltered flat can be considered.  But that option can fall short if the person needs more support with meals and companionship, for example.  One option is often overlooked.  Supported Sheltered Housing provides a quite unique alternative, providing privacy and independence and a supportive network of services including housekeeping and catering.  These houses provide older people with a very positive alternative to living on their own.  Many houses have staff on the premises 24 hours a day.

Supported Sheltered Houses are not residential or nursing homes.  The houses should be seen as a collection of individuals' homes within one supportive house, combined with the moral support of care and companionship.

With some residents able to call on private funds, many others can use housing benefits and similar entitlements to meet the fully inclusive charges which are kept as affordable as possible.

A move into a communal environment can also give a positive boost to an individual, helping them to enjoy the company of others whilst maintaining privacy and independence.  Often referred to as a best kept secret, Supported Sheltered Housing does provide a very real and attractive alternative.