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Residential Homes

A residential home may be suitable if you can no longer manage in your own home, or cannot be cared for by relatives, but do not need nursing care.  Residential homes provide meals and accommodation; help with personal care, like bathing and dressing;  staff available 24 hours a day; physical and emotional care; and care through short illnesses.  Most do not provide specialist care, through EMI (elderly mentally infirm) homes care for elderly people who have conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia and similar conditions.  Your local social services can provide a list of residential homes in your area.  Before you move into a care home, you will require a needs assessment to determine your support needs, and a financial assessment to decide if, or how much, you have to contribute towards your care home fees.  If you have a low income and/or little capital (currently less than £23,250) your local council may meet your costs.