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Early Years SEND Panel

Early intervention is the best possible opportunity a child can have to achieve their full developmental potential, therefore early identification is key.  Your assessment and information gathering arrangements must be robust in helping to identify need at the earliest opportunity.  We know children all develop at different paces and a delay does not necessarily mean that a child has SEND, however alerting an emerging need timely will ensure that every child has support that they need.  The Early Years SEND panel, compromising of Assistant Director of CJCS, Head of SEND services, Inclusion Manger, Senior Educational Psychologist, Clinical lead Health Visiting and Senior Childcare officers, meets monthly to discuss children in the town based on need reported by professionals - usually Early Years practitioners and Health Visitors – to ensure that the child is supported appropriately.

If you would like a child/ren to be discussed at panel please contact Emma Watson, Senior Childcare Officer on 01429 523854