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Children's Centres in Hartlepool

These are where Family Support Workers, Children’s Centre Workers, Health Visitors and Community Nursery Nurses are based.

Children's Centres work primarily with families with children aged under five years. They provide integrated childcare and education; health services; family support; and access to Job Centre Plus.

Children's Centres are a 'one stop shop' for children and their families where skilled staff are on hand to give help, advice and guidance on such things as health advice, parenting and family support, play sessions, childcare, help to get a job or training, or simply a place to meet other parents. The Children’s Centre’s offer groups, parenting support, health visitor clinics, development reviews when your child is aged 9-12 months and 2-2.5 years old and advice and guidance on things like feeding your baby/child, toilet training, routines, safe sleeping, weaning and breastfeeding. 

Groups that are offered for anyone who cares for a child or teenager and are called:

Being A Parent & Talking Teens

Please call Hindpool or Rossmere Children’s Centre to take part. You do not need to have a Family Support Worker to join us but you will need to let us know how old your child is so that we can involve you in the right group.

We are on Facebook: Hartlepool Children’s Centres. Join us.

Contact the Children's Hub on 01429 284284 or by email for further information.