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Carer Health and Wellbeing

It is important that you take care of your own health, even if you are busy looking after someone else's health.

Being healthy is not only important to you, but it also helps the person you care for too. 

Stay well this Winter 

There are a number of things you can do to keep you and your family well in Winter. 

The Flu Jab is the best way to protect yourself and the person you care for from flu. 

The Flu can be far more serious for the person you care for than you think. It can lead to serious complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia, and could even land them in hospital. 

Don't put it off - contact your GP or pharmacist to get the Flu Jab now. It's free because you need it.

Let your GP know that you are a Carer as they will record this on your notes and may be able to offer you extra support. 

Is the strain of caring affecting how you get on with your partner, family and friends?

Taking care of your relationships can help you to take care of yourself. 

You may find that looking after someone can put a strain on your relationships with the people who are important to you, whether that's a partner, family, friends or somebody else. 

These are organisations which can provide support and advice to help you manage your relationships.

  • Get in touch with Hartlepool Carers for local help and advice for Carers
  • OnePlusOne provides resources and services to help families and professionals tackle relationship issues early. It has a range of resources including information on getting help and support if you have a disabled child.
  • Relate provides relationship help for all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. It can support you whether you are in a new relationship, long-term relationship or not in a relationship at all. It can help you through major relationship crises to smaller issues that are perhaps making you unhappy.
  • The Sexwise website from FPA gives honest advice about sexual wellbeing and how to have happy healthy sex and how to get help when things go wrong. 
  • Tavistock Relationships supports couples, individuals and families with their relationships including relationship support for parents of children with a disability. Its services include a course on Living Together with Dementia. 

More ways to take care of yourself

If you're a Carer, you might need a break sometimes.

What is respite?

Respite is a short break, anything from a couple of hours to several weeks, away from caring to give you time to recharge your batteries. You may find that it helps you stay well and feel better able to cope with caring.

Different types of short breaks for Carers:

  • Support Workers or Personal Assistants helping look after the person you care for, in their home; this is sometimes called replacement care
  • Getting help with other tasks around the home, such as cleaning or gardening. 
  • The person you care for having a short stay in a Care Home or Nursing Home. 
  • Getting someone to keep the person you care for company whilst you go out. Some caring services offer a sitting and befriending service.
  • You, or the person you care for, taking part in activities outside the home. Look at the events section to see what is available locally.
  • Taking a holiday with or without the person you care for. 

How to arrange respite care: 

A Carers Assessment is free. Get in touch with Hartlepool Carers as they will be able to help you find out more about taking a break. Also try talking to your family and friends to see if they can help by giving you a break.