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BookTrust is the UK's largest reading charity and we reach millions of children every year with books, resources and support to get every child reading, regularly and by choice.

We operate in every region in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. We work through every local authority, via children’s centres, schools, libraries and health professionals, to reach the families who need us most.

BookTrust's work focuses heavily on family reading. Our research shows that 53% of parents and carers of primary-age children say reading is not a big part of family life. We want to help you change that!

Watch the video below to discover the magic of reading stories at home with your family. 



To view a selection of BookTrusts videos that you can engage in with your children at home, please visit our Children's Library section within NowPlay on All Together Now.  


Alternatively, you can visit for further information.


If you love or want to develop a love of reading, please sign up for a library card by completing the registering form on Hartlepool's library website.