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App Support

What is the Hartlepool Now App?
The Hartlepool Now App brings together local providers, events and activities to your mobile smartphone and tablet.

Created by the Child and Adult Services Development Team at Hartlepool Borough Council, the App provides you with access to hundreds of local organisations, service providers and voluntary groups who can offer support, help, advice and guidance to help you stay fit and well.

How much is the Hartlepool Now App?
The App is free to download and use.

Where can I get the Hartlepool Now App from?
You can get the App from the following web sites:
iTunes for Apple iOS - TBC
Google Play for Android - TBC

Where does the information for the Hartlepool App come from?
The content and information for the App comes from the Hartlepool Now web site, also managed by the Child and Adult Services Development Team at Hartlepool Borough Council. The technology in the App automatically syncs with content from the web site to ensure the App is always up to date. There is no need for you to do anything to ensure updates are made, it all takes place 'behind the scenes'.

How is the information in the Hartlepool Now App managed?
The information is managed by the Child and Adult Services Department at Hartlepool Borough Council, who work with all providers and services in Hartlepool to ensure data is accurate and up to date.

I am a service provider and I have seen information about my service or event in the App, how can I update it?
You can login to your account on the Hartlepool Now web site to make changes to your information, and those changes will then be automatically fed through to the App. If you don't have an account then please contact the CAS team at Hartlepool Borough Council:


Does the App capture any personal information?
No the App does not capture, store or transmit any personal information at all. It does collate some general usage information, for more details please see our App Privacy Policy.

What are the iOS / device requirements for the Hartlepool Now App?
For Apple devices: iOS v9+
For Android devices: Android v5+
For other platforms: TBC

For additional help and support:
If you have any queries about the Hartlepool Now App then please contact the team at Hartlepool Borough Council: