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About the Equipment Finder

About the equipment finder

If your age or disability means that you are finding it difficult to do certain things around your home, you may want to find out more about the equipment that is available to help you.

Whether you are having difficulties moving around your home, getting washed and dressed or preparing food and drinks, this tool can help you find the wide range of equipment designed to make your daily living task more manageable.

Information on Privately Purchasing Equipment

Equipment is available for you to privately purchase.  The list of suppliers we have used is an example of where the equipment can be purchased and is only intended as a suggestion and Hartlepool Borough Council does not receive any benefit from any suppliers.  Please also note that prices of equipment from all suppliers can vary on a daily basis.  Useful tips cans be found within each of the rooms which may help you to choose the most suitable equipment for you.  Details of your local provider can be found here

Contact GP

Your GP maybe able to supply you with certain types of equipment you require. Contact your GP prior to purchasing yourself and they will ensure the equipment is right for you.

Handyperson Service

If you own your property the Handyperson Service may be able to help you with your small household repairs and maintenance needs.  The service is commissioned by Hartlepool Borough Council and is designed to help other residents live safely and independently in their own home.  The service is provided free to resident who meet certain criteria.  If you do not meet the criteria  they may still be able to help you but there might be a charge.  For more information ring the Handyperson Service on (01429) 269303 or 0800 952 0121.

Minor Adaptations (e.g. Grab Rails)

Housing Association Tenants and Private Landlord Tenants

If you would like to fit grab rails to your property (either internal or external), please contact your Housing Association or landlord to discuss the options available to you.