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Do you have a Hartlepool Carers Card?

Do you have a Hartlepool Carers Card? created by BB published on 29 November 2019

As a registered Carer you can have a Carers Card from Hartlepool Carers for £2.00. This will entitle you to offers and discounts from local businesses. For a list of participating businesses, please call in to Reception at Hartlepool Carers on Lowthian Road. If you already have a card, please check it hasn't expired!

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STAGS Stand Together

STAGS Stand Together created by BB published on 07 November 2019

Men don't Cry! Men don't talk! Man up! Get over it! Pull yourself together! All things men hear all the time. Men are supposed to be strong and not show emotion, but we do. Maybe not to you and maybe not noticeably, but we do. STAGS is a group where we can share our stories, advice and experiences without judgment.

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