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Alcohol Change: Dry January 10k

This year, Ollie Ollerton and the team at BreakPoint hosted the Dry January 10k to raise money for Alcohol Change UK. 

Being organised by ex-military and in the stunning location of Pippingford Park Manor it was always going to be a tough, but achievable event. As well as the 10k, there was also a 5k version and for those that couldn’t be there in person a virtual option allowing participations from around the world and connected through a live stream from the in-person event.

As with other trail running events participants braved the typical January weather, as well as mud, hills, rivers and for some the resident wildlife, to gain a sense of achievement for a job well done. But the run wasn’t the only element of the event, it was also about embracing an alcohol-free January with the run symbolising the end of the month. Inspirational talks after the run helped inspire people to continue staying dry into February and beyond. It was the start of a new journey for all those involved!

Click here to watch Break Point's Dry January 10k

Events like these are perfect for teams who want to get together and raise money for charity. 

If you’re interested in another running challenge to support Alcohol Change UK please email the team to discuss how we can support you using email address


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