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Ageing Well: Falls Course

Newcastle University will be running the 'Ageing Well: Falls' course again this year.

It begins on 5th September 2016 and you can sign up using the following link:

It is aimed at the public, anyone who feels they may be at risk of falling, or anyone who is close to someone who feels they may be at risk.  It has been designed by clinical academies at Newcastle University, who also have roles within the Falls and Syncope Service at Newcastle RVI, but the content is very much aimed at the end user and therefore no background medical knowledge is needed.

The course is free of charge and its principle aim is to empower and educate those who may be in need of more information on this topic - to give confidence to everyone who feels vulnerable either in, or outside of the home.

The course has run twice already with great feedback - learners commented that they felt more confident going about day to day activities, but also felt secure knowing that they weren't alone in their experience.