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The Platinum Girls

The poem below was written by the attendees of the Cognitive Stimulation Group that is led by Kath and Jo from the Community Mental Health Team and held at The Bridge.

Often people are cautious about joining the group but find they really enjoy it once they go.


The Platinum Girls

We didn't want to come at first

As we thought it would be scary

The platinum girls all joined together

Dorothy, Olive, Pat, June and Mary


The staff we met were Jo and Kath

Who cheered us up and made us laugh

Girls from The Bridge were friendly and nice

Always there to give advice


Mary looked forward to attending so much

She thinks CST has the magic touch

She likes all words and she can spell

Top Scholar is Mary, you can tell


Olive enjoys the chats and laughs

Who would have thought

she would have enjoyed the Maths


Reluctant to come, June did arrive

And shared her stories of days gone by

Her mother used to make the bread

For all the neighbours, so it was said


Dorothy thought it was cool

To get together and talk of "The Pool"

She did insist not tea, but coffee

A biscuit, a cake or maybe a toffee


Pat attended under duress,

But managed to wear her brand new dress

Pat preferred to sing-a-long

And always told Jo when she was wrong


Unfortunately it came to an end

The Platinum girls said goodbye to their friends

The last seven weeks have been a pleasure

And memories we all will treasure.