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Social Care Puts People First

Self-directed support is about putting people in control of the support they need to live their life as they choose.

People who can get support fromHartlepool Borough Council's social care service may have a Personal Budget to help put them in control of their support.  Social care staff help their clients to work out what their care needs are and what they can do to meet those needs, so that they can live happily and more independently.

One of Hartlepool's social care clients, Kay, tells us about the changes her Personal Budget has made to her life.

Kay's story

"My name is Kay.  I am 43 years old and I have lived at home with my parents all my life.  I have been brought up to be very independent and to make my own choices.  I do lots of different things during the week and I have two jobs where I earn my own money.  I go to Handprint Art Studio and have had many of my pieces shown in exhibitions.  I am very happy in my life.  I have a very good family and lots of friends."

"For a long time I have been dreaming of having my own home and finally... my dream has come true!  I have just bought a home of my own through a shared ownership scheme."

"I can't wait to get the keys for my very own home.  Living on my own will make me feel more independent.  I will be my own boss, I will learn new things and I will make new friends.  I just can't wait to move in!"

"It's my human right to choose where I want to live.  My Personal Budget has helped make this happen.  I am so excited and very happy.  I will be using some of my individual budget to employ someone to help me learn to cook and help me with jobs around the house."

"My Personal Budget means I can make my own choices: it gives me control over my life."

Find out more

You can find out more about Personal Budgets from Child and Adult Services atHartlepool Borough Council on 01429 523932.

In Control, a social enterprise that was set up to transform the social care system, have published a number of factsheets which you may find helpful.  You can download them from the In Control website Home - In Control ( ​