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Social Care helps to find the right home for Jane

Jane used to live on her own in a house in a small community room where people could meet and socialise and Jane had someone to help her with her shopping, she spent a lot of time on her own.  Jane made her own meals and did her own washing and housework.  Jane knows that she did not always look after herself very well.

Jane was very unhappy and felt very down and lonely.  She felt that she was bullied and wasn't able to decide if and when she wanted to go shopping or do the things she wanted to do.  Jane is not very good at telling people how she feels but after a while Ruth, her Social Worker, managed to get Jane to say how she was feeling.  Ruth listened to Jane and then told Jane she would help her find somewhere to live.

One of the places that Jane went to visit was a house where four other people lived.  As soon as she walked into the house, Jane knew she liked it.  Jane liked the people who lived in the house and the people who worked there.  She thought they all seemed kind, friendly and happy.

After talking to her Social Worker, Jane moved to her new home.  Jane is now much happier.  Jane feels safe and that is really important to her.  Jane feels that she is listened to and the people she lives with and who she works with know her well and would know if there was something wrong and would do something about it.

Jane feels comfortable at home.  She has been supported to go on holiday with her fiancé.  Jane knows that the support she now gets has helped her look after herself more and take much more pride in herself.  She really enjoys having her hair and nails done.  

So what makes a difference to Jane?

For Jane it is having people around her who know her well and understand her and know when things are not right for her.  What makes a difference to Jane is not just being listened to but also having someone help her do something about things to make changes that make her happier.

Jane now has many friends but also has her bedroom she can go to when she wants to be on her own.  She trusts the people she lives with and the people who support her.  Jane is much happier and looking forward to Christmas at home.


Lisa meets Jane in her new home.