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In Your Dreams

Incontrol-able met with Eric at Hartfields Retirement Village through our In Your Dreams Service.  The service supports people living with Dementia to re-ignite their memories.

With support, Eric told us about how he was evacuated to Scarborough during World War II, the family he stayed with and how much he loved Scarborough.  Using digital technology we were able show him photographs of Scarborough from his time there and actually found an old photo from Jesmond Road School that Eric attended and remarkably he identified himself in it!  Luckily, we were able to capture the moment with his Support Worker, Elaine.

We shared the photo on our Social Media pages and people who know Eric made some lovely comments that we were able to share with him.

We worked closely with Hartlepool Museum with our research and as a result they are considering running a project about the 10,000 children that were evacuated from Hartlepool during World War II.

All this has come from Eric sharing his story with us through our In Your Dreams Service - amazing!


Eric pictured with his support worker, Elaine after receiving his old school photo from 1932 using technology from the 'In Your Dreams' Service.