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Secondary Education including Academies

All school aged pupils have to follow the National Curriculum, though is only part of the broad and balanced curriculum offered by Hartlepool Schools.

The core subjects of the National Curriculum are English, Maths and Science. The other foundation subjects are Design & Technology, Art, Music and Physical Education. Although not part of the National Curriculum, all pupils study Religious Eductation. After the age of 14, some of these subjects become optional. 

Schools also provide education on a range of other topics which will help to prepare Hartlepool children for their adult and working lives. These other topics include Health and Sex Education, Careers Education, Industrial and Economic Awareness, Citizenship and education about the environment. 

In general, all children will study all subject in the National Cirrculum at Key Stage 3. At Key Stage 4 some National Curriculum subjects become optional and other subjects, including vocational courses are offered.