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Hartlepool Jobs & Skills

We are excited to announce that Hartlepool Jobs & Skills team are now part of the Council’s Community Hubs. 

This allows us to bring our fantastic provision into the community to ensure that everyone can easily access our range of services including:


  • Careers Guidance
  • Employment  Support                 
  • Learning Opportunities and Qualifications
  • Personal Development Activities
  • Access to Apprenticeships
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Workforce Development Training

We have a friendly team who can help you achieve your goals whether you want to gain new skills, socialise with other people, study for a qualification, become a volunteer or progress into your chosen career.


You can find out more by coming to see us in the Community Hubs:


Community Hub Central                                 Community Hub South

124 York Road                                                Wynyard Road

TS26 9DE                                                       TS25 3LQ

Monday to Friday (10am - 4pm)                      Tuesday & Thursday (10am - 4pm)


Please keep in touch with our team by contacting us by phone, email or through one of our social media accounts:


Call: 01429 868616

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: HartlepoolJobs&Skills

Twitter: HartlepoolJS

LinkedIn: Hartlepool Jobs & Skills