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Electrical Safety

Electric Blankets

Check the condition of your electric blanket, switch it off before you get into bed (unless it is the type that be be used overnight) and never use the blanket if it is wet, soiled or creased.

Never switch it on to dry it out or use a hot water bottle and electric blanket together.  Replace the blanket if it is over 10 years old.

Other useful electrical information

  • Never repairor rejoin cables
  • Do not run cables under the carpet
  • Keep cables away from the cooker
  • Never use more than one adaptor per socket
  • Make sure toasters, microwaves, haridryers and kettles are plugged into their own socket and not used with an adaptor
  • When going to bed make sure all TVs are switched off properly and not left on stand-by
  • Do not leave washing machines, tumble dryers or disshwashers running whilst in bed
  • Always unplug phone chargers when not in use
  • If buying appliances look out for the Kitemark.

Danger signs to look out for

  • Hot plugs and sockets
  • Fuses that blow for no obvious reason
  • Lights flickering
  • Brown scorch marks on sockets or plugs
  • Always put a fire guard around an open fire
  • Never place clothes on the guard to dry
  • Do not hang a mirror above the fire place
  • Never put aerosols near a fire or heater, they could explode
  • Keep portable heaters away from furniture and clothes
  • Always keep portable heaters out of bathrooms