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General Safety

Keeping our children safe at all times is a big worry for most parents but Childhood accidents are a part of growing up… right!? Many are. Children need to explore and experiment. And minor scrapes and bruises are part of an active, healthy childhood. However, accidents are one of the biggest single killers of children in the UK. Nearly half of all children who are taken to hospital after an accident, had their accident at home.

Many parents are taken by surprise by what their baby or toddler does next. So we would encourage parents to stay one step ahead of their developing child, understanding changing behaviours – and the accidents associated with them. The majority of serious accidents are completely preventable. And the solution is often something simple that takes a moment or can become part of our everyday routines. Although safety equipment can help to create a safer environment for your child. It doesn’t replace the need for supervision, especially with younger children, but it can make protecting your child easier.

Car seats

All babies need a carseat when leaving the hospital, it's important to make sure that your baby is secure inside the seat and the seat is properly put into a car.  This guide provides help for infant car safety than you can continue to use for the rest of their childhood. 

How to tell if your baby is seriously ill

The biggest fear of any parent is your baby becoming ill.  It's important to understand signs that could suggest that your baby is poorly.  This information produced by the NHS gives you advice on how to tell if your baby is seriously ill.

First Aid for Babies

We hope you never have to use this, but First Aid is a brilliant skill to have in case of an emergency.  This page produced by the Red Cross gives lots of advice on different types of First Aid and how you would apply it to a baby or child.  There can be so many risks inside and outside of the home, CAPT provides important information on how to keep your child safe.

Smoking and your baby

The best thing you can do for you and your baby is to stop smoking.  You are four times more likely to stop smoking if you stop with NHS support and there are people here to help you.  There are steps you can take today to quit smoking.

Support with Stopping Smoking 

Child health app

The NHS have produced a child health app which is available for all smartphones.

Parents and carers are able to find NHS advice on many common childhood illnesses, letting you know when you need to seek further medical advice from a pharmacy, GP or hospital – or how you can care for your child at home.

The app is also available as a 115-page booklet.

The booklet and app contain advice on everything from how to deal with upset tummies to treating bumps and bruises.


CATCH is a free NHS health app for parents and carers of children from pregnancy to age 5.  CATCH eases the sense of information overload, particularly regarding pregnancy and children’s health. With the number of resources available, it can be difficult to know who to trust. CATCH provides local NHS-approved information with your best interests at heart, so you won’t need to look elsewhere.