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Falls Prevention

Welcome to Hartlepool Borough Council's Falls Prevention Service.  The team is based within the community in Hartlepool and is made up of occupational therapy staff from a variety of backgrounds and bring to the service a number of wide and varied skills.

The primary aim of this service is to offer residents within Hartlepool the opportunity to have access to a falls prevention plan to reduce the risk of falls, either within the home, or the local community.

We are aware there are a number of reasons that people fall and that this can lead to people not being confident to be a part of their local community and may lead to social isolation or a decline in health needs.  With this in mind, Public Health and Adult Social Care have worked closely together to develop a holistic service, that looks at the causes of falls, but also provides a vital link to a variety of low level intervention services, along with giving you the necessary tools to keep safe, keep active and reduce the risk of falls.