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Living Independantly
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Hartlepool Borough Council


Address 1
Civic Centre
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Victoria Road
TS24 8AY

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As you get older, or if you have problems with your health or mobility, then living independently and safely in your home can become increasingly challenging.

You may be finding it difficult to move around. Maybe you're finding it harder to complete some everyday tasks such as cooking or washing. Or you may find that areas of your home such as your bathroom or you kitchen no longer suit your needs and need changing.

Struggling to stay living in your own home because of health problems while thinking about what you might need to do next can seem overwhelming. But there are steps you can take which will allow you to safely remain in your home while holding on to your independence and privacy.

Reablement aims to help people get back the skills and confidence they need to live in their own home. Unlike traditional home care services - when a home care worker does things for you - reablement encourages you to do things for yourself. Reablement aims to keep people living independently in their own homes, so that they do not need long-term care services or hospital stays.

Reablement is a short-term, intensive support service. This means a person using the reablement service will get a range of different support, depending on their needs, for a time limited period.
You do not have to pay to use the reablement service.


Types of Service Provided
Looking After Someone (Carers) Keeping Safe Keeping Healthy
Client Groups Served
Dementia Long Term Condition
Age Ranges Served
18-24 25-49 50-64 65+

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